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Win a Prize Pack!

You could win a Harvest Prize Pack! Simply comment on the question below to be entered to win. The winning entry will be randomly selected from the comments section of this blog. You must comment to win.

Do you have a twitter account?  If so, do you follow @AllAboardTour?










“Harvest Starts Here.”

Harvest doesn’t start when the combine enters your field; it starts when it leaves. We, at Great Plains, believe harvest starts when our Seedbed Preparation, Nutrient Application, and Seed Placement equipment enter your field. We call this our “Systems Approach” – a three-part system built on sound agronomic principles that help you maximize your yield potential.

Our system begins with Seedbed Preparation. Managing the soil profile to maximize water uptake and prepping your seedbed are critical. Regardless of your farming setup, Great Plains literally has every piece of tillage equipment you need, including our innovative Turbo-Max®.

The second step to your successful harvest is Nutrient Application. For maximum plant benefit, precise placement of high volume nutrients is a must. By applying nutrients at the right time, you can significantly reduce leaching and denitrification. Our Nutri-Pro® line is the perfect solution to help you decrease crop loss while reducing costs.

Seed Placement is the final step to our system. To seed accurately, three things must be done well: seed spacing, seed depth, and seed-to-soil contact without sidewall compaction. Great Plains Drills and Planters are designed and built using these principles. Again, no matter what your farming setup, we have the right seeding configuration to match your needs.

Visit to see the complete line of Great Plains equipment.  Equipment from Great Plains… the most important tools you’ll ever own.

To enter scroll down and leave a reply. We will announce a winner at 2 p.m. CDT on Wednesday, June 12.

  • Ann C
    Posted at 16:41h, 10 June

    Yes, I have a Twitter account. No, I don’t follow at this time.

  • Bryan M
    Posted at 19:11h, 10 June

    I do not have a Twitter account.

  • Cameron M
    Posted at 21:00h, 10 June

    Yes I have a twitter, and I do follow AAH

  • Allen Walters
    Posted at 21:41h, 10 June

    no I do not have a twitter account

  • cdsjerry
    Posted at 07:59h, 11 June

    I have three twitter accounts (1 personal and 2 business related). Can’t say that I’m all that fond of twitter, but yes, I have a twitter account, and no, I don’t like it.

  • Marti Schell
    Posted at 09:35h, 11 June

    I have a Twitter account and I do follow @AllABoardTour.

  • Guy Bottom
    Posted at 09:37h, 11 June

    I have a twitter account but don’t like it or use it.

  • Kimberly
    Posted at 09:41h, 11 June

    I do have a twitter account, but I haven’t signed in to it since about two days after creating it, and don’t follow AAH.

  • Sebastian Strong
    Posted at 09:45h, 11 June

    I do have twitter and I do follow

  • Judy
    Posted at 09:54h, 11 June

    I have an account but don’t follow.

  • Karen.
    Posted at 10:24h, 11 June

    No twitter account here … facebook sucks up enough of my time as it is! 🙂

  • Cindy Rector
    Posted at 10:27h, 11 June

    I do not have a twitter account

  • Jack Tyrrell
    Posted at 11:47h, 11 June

    I have a twitter account and I definitely follow AAH.

  • jonathan upton
    Posted at 13:16h, 11 June

    I have a twitter account and I definitely follow AAH.

    • All Aboard
      Posted at 14:18h, 12 June

      Congratulations! You’ve been selected as our winner. Check your email on how to claim your prize.

  • Mary Jo Maneth
    Posted at 14:00h, 11 June

    don’t have a twitter acct. I’m still in the facebook phase

  • Karen Hancock
    Posted at 14:36h, 11 June

    I have a Twitter account, but I much prefer to follow on Facebook. The postings seem to be better.

  • Chad Stevens
    Posted at 20:34h, 11 June

    No twitter here either….

  • PJ
    Posted at 21:39h, 11 June

    I do, and I’m following as of tonight!

  • Phil Kline
    Posted at 11:01h, 15 June

    No I do not have a twitter account.