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Jada: A Texan tour, full bins and a special guest

Jada_thumbnailToday, Kaidence and I took a little tour with Kelly that didn’t include wheat fields. She took us out to the pasture their cattle are grazing on.

The sight is quite different than home with the mesquite trees, red dirt, cactus and other wild plants I can’t remember the name to growing in their pasture. Here are some photos of our tour.

A Texas Pasture view

A pretty view of the pastureland. The green is peeking through due to the nice rains the area received.

Catus grow anywhere in Texan pastures

Cactus can grow anywhere. Kelly said in South Texas the cattlemen take a blow torch and burn off the needles so the cows can feast on the plants. The cows quickly find out how tasty they are and will even eat them with the needles on despite the price they will most likely pay- abscesses can occur.

Campbell cows stare us down as we tour their pasture

Campbell cows stare us down as we take our tour of the pasture.

Our Olney wheat harvest is quickly coming together and will soon come to a close. Since Mike’s bins are full, we are hauling wheat to Fort Worth and Megargel’s elevators.

Frank prepares to take a load to Wichita Falls

Frank prepares to take a trip to Fort Worth.

Since Kim and Mychal Neumiller of Neumiller Harvesting had to take a trip to Dallas, we were able to receive a visit from them and their latest addition to the crew- Baby Bentley. Proud future babysitter got to hold the sweet baby who was born in February.

A visit from Baby Bentley Neumiller

Kaidence proudly holds Bentley.

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