Limited Harvesting in Southern Plains

Texas– Wheat and oats were maturing around the state. Harvest activity increased in many areas. Some producers cut back on irrigation to let fields dry before harvest.

Oklahoma– Harvest of wheat began in limited areas. Wheat heading was virtually complete and 78 percent was in the soft dough stage of development by the end of the week. Wheat harvest was eight percent complete by Sunday, 80 points behind the previous year, and 38 points behind the five-year average.

Kansas– The winter wheat crop was turning color on 22 percent of the acreage, behind 99 a year ago and 67 average. A few fields were considered ripe but totaled less than 1 percent, compared to 85 last year and 27 average. Condition rated 26 percent very poor, 21 poor, 25 fair, 24 good, and 4 excellent.

Colorado– Winter wheat developed at an accelerated pace, ending the week at 64 percent headed. That is an increase of 29 percentage points. Condition ratings for winter wheat generally held steady with the majority rated very poor to fair. The spring wheat crop progressed 21 percentage points from the previous week to 24 percent headed by week’s end. This is compared with 13 percent headed last year and 9 percent on average.

Nebraska– Wheat conditions rated 22 percent very poor, 28 poor, 36 fair, 13 good, and 1 excellent. Wheat jointed was 95 percent, behind last year’s 100 and 98 average. Wheat headed was 61 percent, well behind 100 last year and over one week behind 83 average. Wheat turning color was 1 percent, behind 78 last year and 20 average.

South Dakota– Winter wheat jointed was at 65 percent. Winter wheat headed showed little progress at 8 percent, behind 95 last year and 49 average. Condition rated 37 percent very poor, 19 poor, 32 fair, 12 good, and 0 excellent. Spring wheat jointed was at 29 percent, behind 2012 at 91 and 39 average. Headed was at 13 percent, also behind last year at 50, but equal to 13 average. Condition rated 2 percent very poor, 4 poor, 35 fair, 48 good, and 11 excellent.

North Dakota– Spring wheat seeding was 77 percent complete, behind last year at 100 and 94 average. Emerged was 58 percent, behind last year at 100 and 85 average. Condition rated 3 percent very poor, 4 poor, 24 fair, 55 good, and 14 excellent. Durum wheat seeding was 78 percent complete, behind 100 for 2012 and 85 average. Emerged was 55 percent, behind last year at 99 and 74 average. Condition rated 0 percent very poor, 1 poor, 14 fair, 82 good, and 3 excellent.

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