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How do you pass the time when waiting in line at the grain elevator?


Wheat leaves curling or stressed plants? Syngenta wants to help your wheat mitigate stress brought on by adverse weather. Poor grain fill, small head size, reduced tillering, short plants and curled leaves are just a few of the inhibitors to wheat quality and yield when weather conditions are adverse.  Syngenta recommends wheat growers address these weather challenges early with best management practices and proactive fungicides to enhance stress tolerance and provide disease protection.  The physiological benefits from Quilt® brand fungicides from Syngenta may help cereal crops better use the sun’s energy, increase water-use efficiency and extend grain fill as the final step in optimizing yields this season.  We encourage all growers to act early this season to mitigate stress and defeat disease. Syngenta is a proud sponsor of All Aboard Wheat Harvest.  We wish you luck on this week’s giveaway question!

Product performance assumes disease presence.

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