Jada: A Batman Birthday and Surprise Visits

Jada_thumbnailToday we had a special birthday- it was Leon’s 10th birthday according to Kaidence. In reality, you need to add 20 years; however, when choosing a cake, Kaidence knew exactly what her daddy would like. . . . . Batman cupcakes. She also knew he had to wear a cape for his specially chosen themed party. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one. In lieu of a cape, we had to settle for the attire he’s wearing.

A family pic

A family picture. . . Kaidence, me (Jada) and Leon.

An a party theme was born all because of one decision

A birthday party theme was born all because of one decision in Sam’s Club.

Kaidence and Sam chat over birthday cupcakes
Sam and Kaidence have a serious chat over chocolate cupcakes.

In addition to Leon’s special day, we also had an old crew member come visit us- Henrry. While it’s been a few years since he has worked for us, we have kept in touch with him over the years. He is currently a manager at the Cargill Elevator in Salina, KS. Since harvest isn’t in full swing there quite yet, Henrry stopped by for a quick visit. This evening we had ribs cooked by a family friend-  Montey Williams-who just happened to celebrate his birthday today as well. YUM!

Sam Leon and Hennry

Our farmer Sam, Birthday Boy Leon, and past co-worker, Henrry pose for a photo.

Leon and Montey Willams share birthdays

The birthday boys- Leon and Montey- celebrate in the field.

Because a party wouldnt be a party without a goofy pic

The boys ’round here always have time for a party! Here they show off their swagger and sense of humors! Leon, James, Sam, Kyle, Martin, Oak, Frank, Theo, Adam and in front Kaidence and Henrry.

While the wind hasn’t settled down and doesn’t seem like it will for at least a week, we still managed to throw a field party to Kaidence’s standards. In fact, she wants a party like daddy’s for her birthday which is coming up in July. At the end of the day, I think we made the birthday boy feel extra special- which he is!

Sam brought the props the closest thing he could find to a Batmobile

Sam helped with the Birthday props- he brought the closest thing he could find to a Batmobile.

Everyone says goodbye to Sam
Sam in his nice car!

A beautiful end to a wonderful day of celebration
A beautiful end to a wonderful day of celebration! A super moon for a super hero birthday. No flashlights needed- the super moon peeks out from behind the clouds lighting up the night.

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