Emma: Too Much Fun!

Emma_thumbnailThis past week we had my sister’s kids to help around the house. In a previous post you saw Dan’s mad driving skills. Now the semi needs to be fixed. When the tire blew, it tore off the lights and part of the hood. Mom and Dan spent the better part of a day repairing fiber-glass, while kids ran for tools or helped when they could.
There’s plenty of time for horsing around once the work is done.  You can never have too much fun, right?

Emma: Boys workin' in the shop
(L to R) Will, August, Dan, Zach and Spencer

Emma: Twinkies!
Sarina and I are twinkies! John Deere shirt and jeans complete with fashionable work boots.

Emma: Granny and Sarina

Emma: Too much fun!

Emma: Rollin' in the Mud
From littlest to biggest: Leslie, Sarina, Elizabeth, Will, Spencer, Zach and August.
I think you can see they may have had a little too much fun!

Emma: Rollin' in the Mud

Emma: Leslie and his mud
Leslie could not believe his good fortune when he got to actually ROLL in the mud!

Be safe and God bless!

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