Jada: A little dirt never hurt!

Jada_thumbnailHoffman Harvesting is playing in the dirt…. er… mud… in Iuka, Kan. We came from a wet field and thought we were on dryer land; however, when parking the truck we knew there were some surprises in this field. The field came out of CRP this year and has a lower yield from what we have been cutting but doing well considering. It is averaging around 25 bu./ac.

Playing in the dirt in Iuka

The parked combine shows evidence of the mud we’ve been playing around in other fields.

Number six is surprisingly stuck the field was supposedly dry

Number six is surprisingly stuck in a field we heard was dry…. guess not! I told our farmer it’s beyond me how he can have mud when most people are praying for rain. He must have mastered the rain dance in his several years of farming.

James Kaidence and Theo check out where best to hook the chain on the graincart to pull out the truck

Theo, Kaidence, and James assess where to hook the rope on the grain cart. In the end, they hook it on the tractor. We can honestly say we haven’t had to worry about mud yet this year.

Proof why this tractor is handy to have around when we actually need to use it

Proof why this tractor is handy to have around when we actually need to use it.

We always tell the guys don’t turn your wheels when trying to get unstuck. Once he knew he was most definitely stuck, the driver quit trying to get unstuck. That helped us get the truck pulled out quickly.

A dryer but still convenient option to park

We head to the oil road for a dryer but still convenient parking option for the truck.

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