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Emma: Crazy Week and Happy Independence Day!

Emma_thumbnailThe only way to describe my past week in one word is crazy! We have been cutting wheat in Texas, fixing the truck and hosting company. I will start from the beginning and fill in as many details as I can from this past week, but I have to warn you, it may take a few posts.

First off, a simple “thank you” to all those who have died serving, who have served and who are currently serving our country. I was looking through some older pictures and found the following picture. It makes me think of my Dad. His patriotism spilled over in the making of Misener Family Harvesters flying the American flag on every machine. He led with such grace and understanding. I have so much respect for him. He served in Vietnam and was fortunate enough to survive. He never really talked about it much but from what he did share, I cannot imagine what he experienced.

Emma: From harvest 2006

God bless America, and Happy Independence Day!

June 26th – Moving to Texas! My nephew Leslie and I left home early in the morning and headed down the road in the combine. We had a four hour drive ahead of us, and a full days  worth of wheat to cut when we got to our destination. Canadian, Texas is the closest town to where we cut, but still nowhere near civilization. The roads kept getting smaller and smaller the further west we got. I started out on a highway with shoulders as big as the lanes themselves, then went on to a regular highway, a smaller highway with no lines, a gravel road, and finally the bumpiest road seen for miles around. The landscape is so beautiful seeing as far as you can possible see. Driving along you start to wonder where the wheat might be! It is pure pasture country with rugged hills, rocks and gullies. I should have taken a clue when I crossed over eleven cattle guards.

Here is a few pictures from Leslie and my adventure.

Emma: on our way to texas

Emma: texas wheat

Emma: texas wheat

Emma: texas wheat
We started cutting that night and harvested about 25 acres, then headed home. Dan was pleased to get in the combine and make rounds.

Emma: texas wheat
And as you can tell, Leslie is not pleased at all! Haha! He will never get bored in a combine. He lives to go with us. No toys or things to keep him busy. He just sits there asking questions and watching the wheat go in. He never takes a nap, he might miss something! He absolutely hates it when he can’t go combining with us. We love having him around.

Emma: texas wheat
It was a super long day especially for Leslie. I think we may have worn him out.

Be safe and God bless!

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