Emma: Crazy Week Part lll

June 28th – Off to work again! Today is going to be exciting because Conrad Weaver from Conjo Studios is coming out to film us. We are apart of a documentary in progress called ‘The Great American Wheat Harvest’. I am excited to see the final result when it makes its debut in March 2014. The Z Crew is also apart of the documentary.

Conrad standing by the truck in the shade to get a little relief from 106 temperatures that day.

Emma: Start 'er up!
Starting it up!


Emma: The Great American Wheat Harvest
Getting a shot of Dan and I talking about the game plan.


Things did not get any calmer when Conrad left. A storm had been brewing all day but thankfully we filled the semi before the rain started falling.

Emma: texas wheat

Emma: Texas wheat

Emma: texas wheat
All of a sudden the storm came. The wind started gusting up to 60 mph. I’m probably 200 yards away from the semi in this picture and you can barely see it because of the dust cloud that came.

Emma: beautiful sunset
The storm sure made the sunset more beautiful. It looked as if the horizon was on fire. The rain did not stop us the next day. It rained just enough to wet the ground and shut us down, but not for long.

I was finally able to get the whole crew together for a picture in our All Aboard Harvest t-shirts.

Emma: AAWH

Emma: AAWH

Be safe and God Bless!

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