Emma: Headed Home

Emma_thumbnailAs I mentioned in my previous post, we finished up in Texas and cleaned up the machinery. Now comes the four hour drive home. The reason we do not haul the combine is because it would take more money in fuel and more time to drive the truck to the combine with the proper trailer, load it, and return home than it would to just drive it home. I think this may be where patience can be very useful. The trip does not take as long if you have some company. Clara and Martha could not wait to fill that position!

Emma: long drive home

Emma: long drive home
Martha and her fishy face.

Emma: long drive home
Clara really liked the windmills.

Emma: long drive home

Emma: long ride home
Crossing the Oklahoma-Texas border! One leg in Texas and one leg in Oklahoma.

Emma: long drive home
A long but fun drive down the highway going 20 mph in the big green beast!

Be safe and God bless!

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