Jada: Celebrating the Fourth in Colby and Waiting on the Wheat


Hoffman Harvesting finished up in Pratt, Kansas on the 3rd of July but was unable to move until the Fourth. So very early on this festive day, we got up and made the move to Colby, KS. We celebrated the Fourth of July in our campground where we grilled and watched the fireworks show. The show is at the fairgrounds where our campground is which is really nice- no waiting on traffic because we are already home!

A beautiful fourth of July sunrise at the Pratt John Deere

What seemed like a good start to our morning- the beautiful Fourth of July sunrise by the Pratt John Deere- quickly turned sour as high winds made our trip a little longer than anticipated.

Loaded and ready to move to Colby

Loaded and ready to move to Colby. Some of our equipment moved to Colby from Scott City prior to this picture so not only was the move short it was easier too. Thankfully so as high winds made the short move unpleasant.

Many harvesters are here in Colby but several are here because this is where they usually come. Not because there are an abundance of crops here. The crop is just about ready. Meaning harvesters are starting to get in the field to test and cut a bit but not necessarily in the swing of things yet. We’re basically waiting on the wheat. Word is several harvesters are moving to Nebraska, Colorado and South Dakota despite their jobs not being ready. It seems there will be some waiting time for everyone.

Here are some photos of us during of Fourth of July activities and festivities.

The guys getting ready to enjoy our Fourth of July feast

Here some of the guys- James, Oak, Frank, and Theo- go through the Congo line to get their food.

Festive dessert

Our festive cake!

The kids pick up the confetti from their flameless fireworks

I missed the kids shooting their flameless fireworks, but caught them picking the confetti up and putting it in the trash.

Kaidence with Kaitlyn Hoerner of  Craig Hoerner Harvesting holding Bentley of Neumiller Harvesting

Kaidence with Kaitlyn Hoerner of Craig Hoerner Harvesting holding Bentley of Neumiller Harvesting.
Leon gets a sparkler ready for Kaitlyn

Leon gets a sparkler ready for Kaitlyn Hoerner of Hoerner Harvesting.


We are lucky to be a part of the Colby, Kan. fireworks show which is always spectacular. We thank the local businesses who donate money to make this show possible!

Fireworks 4

More fireworks!

Kaitlyn and Kaidence enjoying the fireworks

Kaitlyn and Kaidence take time to pose while waiting on the guys to light off our fireworks. 

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