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Harvest nearly complete in Kansas




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TexasSmall grain harvest neared completion in the Northern High Plains with very little left to harvest. Around the state, post- harvest plowing of wheat fields continued.

OklahomaHarvest was virtually complete for all small grains by the end of the week. Wheat harvest was 99 percent complete by Sunday.

Kansas– The winter wheat crop was 98 percent harvested, compared to last year’s 100 and 97 average.

ColoradoWinter wheat matured rapidly last week, reaching 71 percent ripe. That is an increase of 26 percentage points from the previous week. Harvest of winter wheat progressed 28 percentage points, ending the week at 44 percent complete. Overall, condition ratings for winter wheat showed minimal changes from last week at 71 percent poor to very poor compared with 68 percent very poor to poor the week prior. Virtually all spring wheat had reached the heading stage while 22 percent was turning color.

Nebraska– Wheat conditions rated 23 percent very poor, 24 poor, 33 fair, 18 good, and 2 excellent. Wheat turning color was 99 percent, behind 100 last year but equal to 99 average. Wheat ripe was 57 percent, well behind 100 last year and 71 average. Twenty-nine percent of the crop was harvested, well behind 96 last year and 42 average.

South Dakota– Winter wheat turning color was 82 percent, behind 100 last year and 91 average. Ripe was 3 percent, well behind 97 last year and 41 average. Condition rated 36 percent very poor, 23 poor, 27 fair, 13 good, and 1 excellent. Spring wheat headed was 97 percent, behind last year at 100 but near 94 average. Turning color was 21 percent, well behind 98 last year and 46 average. Condition rated 7 percent very poor, 6 poor, 27 fair, 48 good, and 12 excellent.

North Dakota– Spring wheat jointed was at 89 percent, behind last year at 100 and 97 average. Headed was 62 percent, well behind 99 last year and 72 average. Turning color was 2 percent, also well behind last year at 50 and 15 average. Condition rated 1 percent very poor, 4 poor, 21 fair, 60 good, and 14 excellent. Durum wheat jointed was 85 percent, behind 100 last year but near 87 average. Headed was 54 percent, behind last years’ 94 but near 55 average. Condition rated 0 percent very poor, 3 poor, 17 fair, 76 good, and 4 excellent.

Montana– Winter wheat has reached 58 percent turned compared with 67 last year and 46 percent for the 5 year average. Conditions for winter wheat rated 2 percent very poor, 5 poor, 22 fair, 44 good, and 27 excellent. Conditions for spring wheat rated 0 percent very poor, 3 poor, 26 fair, 56 good, and 15 excellent. Durum wheat conditions rated 0 percent very poor, 0 poor, 15 fair, 61 good, and 24 excellent.


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