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Z Crew: Meals in the Field (or machine sheds)

headshot2Limon, Colorado: Right when I thought things were going to slow down, it’s picked back up again; for me, anyways.

The farmer and crew we’re now working with is from the Simla, Colorado area. Very involved in the community and school, they are one of the friendliest groups of people I’ve ever had the blessing of meeting. In the last few days I’ve learned how to fry chicken, spent a great amount of time with all of the grandkids, and spent probably too much time in a John Deere tractor and combine!

I’ve loved every second I’ve spent out here in Colorado. Each evening when the meal has been prepared by the wives and little helpers, the combines are shut down and it’s not only harvest time, it’s family time. It feels as though family members from all around come out to see the harvest show. I don’t think I’ve ever fully realized how much involvement it takes from an entire family to make harvest time run smoothly.

Z Crew: Dinner in the Shop
Our huge potluck dinner with about five different families.

Z Crew: Parked for the Night
Combines parked for the night while everyone enjoys supper.

Z Crew: Storm Moving In
A storm lingers south of the field.

Z Crew: Cutting Before the Rain
Combines made the rounds and we prayed that the rain would stay away until evening.

Z Crew: Storm on the Prairie
Storms rolling in from the Rockies. They move across the plains in such ominous ways.

Z Crew: Prepping Chicken
A few of the little girls and I dipped and floured the chicken before it was fried!

Z Crew: Learning How to Fry Chicken
I was so excited to see how my first experience frying chicken would turn out.

Z Crew: Dinner at the Farm
The chicken was a huge hit! There wasn’t much left.

Z Crew: Combines Cuttin' in a Staggered Line
The combines cutting in a staggered line.

Z Crew: Dumping on the Grain Cart
One of the “Green Ones” dumping the wheat into the grain cart.

Z Crew: Backside of the Machines
I enjoyed this lovely view of the backside of the combines.

Z Crew: Watching the Load
The truck drivers have a tendency to stand on the back of the truck and supervise as the grain cart unloads.

Z Crew: Help to the Rescue
One of the combines became plugged with straw, so the other green combines came to the rescue!

Z Crew: Unplugging the Combine
The combine was up and running in no time.

The Z Crew can be reached at zcrew@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard Wheat Harvest™ is sponsored by High Plains Journal and Syngenta.


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