Steph: One side of town to another

StephNEW_thumbnailOne farmer down, on to the next! We were able to finish out pivots early afternoon and get all our equipment moved to the next field in a timely fashion. We went from 25 miles west of town to about 10 miles north of town, so talk about a change! After watching the combine make the first round and seeing the sample it took, we anticipated the moisture to be too high to be able to continue. However, once I brought the partial load to town and received the verdict, it was a mere 12.3 percent, and I gave the combine operator (Brandon) permission to roll on. We were able to finish the 60 acre field by 10:30pm, not making it worth it to move to another field till morning.

However, Mother Nature had other plans. Isn’t that always the way? It rained on the north side of town that night, where all our fields are located. Dad informed me that the plan today will be to move back out to the west end of town, where he was able to hook some more acres. Thankful for acres but boy, this is a lot of equipment roading! I will confess something though. I can never seem to maintain my sense of direction at this stop. With all this change of going from one end of town to another, I think this little problem will be nonexistent in no time.

Quote of the Day: “Sitting here on the service truck, watching the combine run with a beautiful sunset in the background. Ain’t nothin’ better.”

Harvest Tip: When giving directions, give road numbers and/or names rather than a landmark. Dad is famous for giving the wrong landmarks and I don’t want any of you to suffer the same lost fates that we sometimes do.



Making the first round!

Making the first round.

Coming through the dust.

Combining through the dust.

Brandon and Mom in the grain cart, goofing off.

Brandon and Mom in the grain cart, goofing off.

Loading up Big Purple.

Filling up Big Purple.

Not a bad looking windrow.

Not a bad looking wind row, if I do say so myself.

More wheat!

More wheat!

More storm clouds rolling in.

Here come them storm clouds again….

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