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Z Crew: Cleaning Up and Moving On

headshot2Limon, Colorado: It doesn’t quite seem possible me and Callie’s harvest season has come to an end. Tomorrow morning when Mom and Dad hit the road for Denton, Montana, Callie and I will be headed home to Nebraska.

The last couple of days has consisted mainly of cleaning equipment and preparing for the parents to get on the road to the next stop. After a full day of vacuuming vehicles, blowing off the combine and header and power washing trucks yesterday, Callie and I spent today packing up what little bit of “stuff” we have in the trailer so we can move home and get back into the groove of “real life.” Doesn’t it just feel like we were getting into the groove of harvest life?!

This season has been the shortest on record for Callie and I. It was only seven weeks ago that we were on the road, moving to Shattuck, Okla. Seven weeks and six states later, it’s time for us to get home. Callie starts her sophomore year of high school on August 15th and I’ll be starting classes at a community college in Omaha on Sept. 4th. We’ve decided to leave for home so early for a couple of reasons. If we were to move to Montana with Mom and Dad, we would only be there for a few days before we’d have to make the 1,100 mile trip home. By leaving now, Callie and I will  drive a short 450 miles; an easy day trip.

While Callie and I are at home, we will continue to post from the field via photos and updates from Mom. The Z Crew is headed in two different directions tomorrow and I know it’ll be a tough day for all of us, but Callie and I have had a great summer run.

Z Crew: blowing off the combine
Taylor takes a turn on blowing off the combine.

Z Crew: blowing off the header
And the header needed cleaned as well…

Z Crew: a break from blowin off the combine
Callie and Taylor sit under the shade of the combine, covered in dirt and wheat chaff.

Z Crew: changing oil
Dad took the time to grease the trucks and change the oil in all of the vehicles before we hit the road.

Z Crew: loadin the Frank
Callie and Mom stand up and take a rest while loading the Frank. The last time of the season for Taylor and Callie.

Z Crew: "What's a sipe?"
Dad explains tire siping to Callie.

Z Crew: takin a break
Mom sits on the tailgate of the pickup while the oil drains in the car.

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