Emma: High Hopes but Waiting a Bit Longer

Emma_thumbnailWe were hoping to get out in the rolling fields of oats today, but the rain set us back. The forecast  was a 40 percent chance of rain, with the high of 74 degrees. The next five days are not looking so good as far as harvesting is concerned either.

Every day has a chance of rain anywhere from 20 percent, on up to 50 percent. Judging by today’s outcome, looks like rain all week.

So we are sitting in our camper waiting for the crops to dry out. This is not something I thought I would be saying this year. Storm clouds came rolling in around noon and with the dew in the mornings, there is a slim chance of rolling before then. I am not cussing the moisture, because it’s a good thing. The ongoing three-year drought we have been experiencing seems to be stalling out, at least in the Dakotas.

Last year around this time, this area of South Dakota was hurting for moisture. This year, they are doing better. It seems that every year more and more row crops are being planted, and less and less small grains being harvested. I wonder what would happen if we had another year like 1996 or 2009? Anyone else sensing an early winter? Some farmers in this area believe just that. We experience cycles of weather, and we are due for an early winter. I guess we will see how the rest of the year plays out.

Emma: waitin' on rain
A view from the camper window.

Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out and the oats will dry down enough to harvest. It might look a bit bleak, but there is always high hopes.

Be safe and God bless!

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