Emma: Mini Vacation and Crop Update from OK to SD

Emma_thumbnailWe barely know what a vacation is, but because we had a break between jobs after finishing up in Texas, and waiting on South Dakota wheat we enjoyed a mini vacation. My cousin Travis is in the NAVY and currently stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas.

After our fun we headed back home to get the campers and cargo trailer ready to head north.

Oklahoma and Kansas wheat harvest is complete, and my guess is that Nebraska is wrapping up. Combines were definitely rolling in Nebraska as we went through. When we reached South Dakota, the acres being harvested went down drastically. Some farmers are starting to harvest their wheat, but most fields are still green making it a waiting game. We will soon see how wet the crops are.

For the Misener crew, the wheat harvest has nearly come to a close. Tomorrow we will test our first field of oats to be harvested. My hopes are high for a good crop. Hopefully the rain will clear enough for the sun to shine and dry them out. I’m not going to be upset if it keeps raining. Fall crops could always use a half inch more!

Here are a few photos of our mini vacation, and we had a blast!

Emma: mini vacation

I never thought I would post a picture of my family and I at the beach on a wheat harvest blog.

Emma: mini vacation
Katie and Tim and their family got to enjoy the beach as well. It was great family time! We attempted to make a sand castle, but I think the sand was just a bit too wet.

Emma: mini vacation
Grandpa and Grandma Green joined in the fun too. They made their way from Montana, stopped in Elk City, then traveled the rest of the way with us to our destination.

Emma: mini vacation

Emma: mini vacation
My sister Katie and I

Emma: mini vacation
(L to R) me, Dan and Evie, Mom, Martha, Clara, Lauren, Tim, Katie and Abigail, Grandma Margaret, and Grandpa Dick.

Emma: Travis and Bree
Congratulations Travis and Bree!

Be safe and God bless!

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