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Emma: Back in Gregory and Having Fun

Emma_thumbnailAfter picking up the combine and head in Dell Rapids, South Dakota we headed to Gregory. Dan and August spent a day cleaning off the dust and spider webs that the combine had collected over the winter in the shed and then greased it. The last crop the combine had through it was corn, so we had to convert it over for wheat harvest. Converting is a bit tedious, but it needs to be done.

Now, we wait.

Leslie and I were having fun in the camper. He always brings his toy combines, tractors and carts, but he had no place to unload. Granny had a great idea- let’s make some bins! So we were inventive, (like any other farm kid who has a play farm) and used things around the house. Here’s some pics to show you our adventures. It was a fun day! Thanks to my brother Dan for taking the pictures.

Emma: miniature fun
We made two grain bins and an auger.

Emma: miniature fun

Emma: miniature fun

Emma: Miniature fun
Interesting what fun can come from two straws, two buttons, two paper clips, four tooth picks, glue, a marker and cardboard.

Emma: miniature fun

Be safe and God bless!

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