Harvest trail moving north

Colorado– Harvest of winter wheat was virtually complete by week’s end at 98 percent. Spring wheat was 80 percent turning color with 16 percent harvested by the end of the week

Nebraska– Wheat harvest is winding down with most fields left to cut located in northern Panhandle counties. Wheat harvest was 93 percent complete, behind 100 last year and 97 average.

South Dakota– Winter wheat was 94 percent ripe, behind 100 last year and 98 average. Harvested  were 53 percent, well behind 100 last year and 82 average. Spring wheat turning color was 96  percent, behind 100 last year but near 98 average. Ripe was 34 percent, well behind 100 last year  and 73 average. Harvested were 8 percent, also well behind 94 last year and 40 average. Condition  rated 4 percent very poor, 12 poor, 39 fair, 41 good and 4 excellent.

North Dakota– Harvest of winter wheat began last week in some southern areas. Spring wheat  headed was 98 percent, behind 100 last year and 99 average. Turning color was 54 percent, well  behind last year at 98 and 62 average. Ripe was 7 percent. Condition rated 1percent very poor, 4  poor, 21 fair, 65 good and 9 excellent.   

Montana-Winter wheat harvest continues with 18 percent harvested. Winter wheat conditions rated  2 percent very poor, 6 poor, 19 fair, 57 good, and 16 excellent.Spring wheat rated 3 percent very  poor, 4 poor, 25 fair, 58 good, and 10 excellent. Durum wheat rated 8 percent very poor, 9 poor, 37  fair, 44 good, and 2 excellent.

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