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Steph: Rain, rain, go away…

StephNEW_thumbnailWe cut for 45 minutes. It rains. We cut for an hour. It rains. This has been how the last few days have been going for Osowski Ag Service. We have been able to start cutting around 4:30-5pm and then get shut down shortly after and chased out of the field by rain. The funny thing is the clouds target different fields every night, almost like they are taunting us. Almost like they are saying “Oh hey, you think you can cut this field today? You have 45 minutes. Ready, set, go!”

With this extra time we have been having, I am happy to say we have been able to have some fun, non-harvest related! I got to run to Cheyenne, Wyo. to get parts for Dad so I was able to hit up every thrift store in town and get some awesome Wyoming t-shirts to wear back in North Dakota. We made a family Wal-Mart run along with eating supper with some harvest friends, the Russell’s, in Scottsbluff, Neb. While at Wal-Mart, Brandon and I decided to buy a football to keep in the service truck since we end up hanging out at the end of the field so often lately. Watching the wheat dry is not very entertaining, in case you were wondering.

Quote of the Day: “Whoa, so that’s what an adrenaline rush feels like!”

Harvest Tip: Beat the rain. We wish we could have followed this tip ourselves.
Them look pretty dangerous.

Clouds looking foreboding.

Funnel cloud in the distance, thankfully.

Funnel cloud in the distance, and thankfully remained there.

Another view of the clouds.

Another view of the clouds.

Attempting to beat the storm. Not too successful though, unfortunately.

Attempting to beat the storm. Not too successful though.

Sunflower field!

Sunflower field on the way to Alliance!

Mom and I had a photo-op!

Mom and I had a photo-op!

Ever so beautiful.

Ever so beautiful, aren’t they?

Trains barrel through here every 12 minutes.

Trains barrel through this area every 12 minutes or so.

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