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Emma: Rain and Reminiscing

Emma_thumbnailIn my previous post, I mentioned that the rain has been like clockwork; raining every day at a certain time, sunshine comes, then it rains again. So while we are waiting on the crops to dry out, we are helping out in the yard. The grass dries down enough to be able to cut in the afternoon, so Dan and I have a little fun.

Emma: rainy day jobs
Cutting like we would in a wheat field!

When I was younger, before I was able to drive the big combines, I would beg Dad to let me drive. I kept trying to convince him that all a combine really was, was an oversize lawnmower with a 30 foot deck instead of a 3 foot deck. Although he would smile and laugh at me for saying so, I think it eventually worked! When I was 10 years old I was driving my own big green beast and have never stopped. It is hard to believe that that was over 15 years ago. When I look at 10-year-olds today, I think my Dad may have been a bit crazy. I cannot imagine trusting a $50,000-plus machine, much less a new $450,000-plus machine to a 10-year-old. I guess Dad had his reasons and I suppose that riding in a combine for 10 years prior to driving had a hand in it too. Thanks for planting the seed Dad and Mom. If it had not been for you, I would not have the privilege of living such an awesome way of life that so many people miss out on.

Be safe and God bless!

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