All Aboard Harvest | Emma: Gregory Locals
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Emma: Gregory Locals

Emma_thumbnailEvery year I look forward to coming to Gregory, South Dakota. Not only for the lovely scenery, but for the good people and good food. Mona at the Ranch House has the best breakfast in town. I will take any bet that a grown man cannot eat two of her pancakes. We took August there for his first time for breakfast, he ordered her pancake, and could not eat even one of them! If you are passing through on your way to the Black Hills, be sure to stop by Mona’s at the Ranch House. She will fill you up for sure!

Emma: ranch house

Emma: ranch house
August and his pancake he could not finish! Not only is is big around, but it’s about an inch and a half thick.

You don’t find many of these! That is right, a Drive-In Theater. Gregory, So. Dak. still has one and it is an experience like no other. Since it is raining, why not go to a movie? Dispicable Me 2 was showing and Leslie was not the only one to enjoy it. It is a great movie.

Emma: Drive-In Theater

Emma: Drive-In Theater

Emma: American Legion
On Sunday nights, the American Legion is the place to go for supper. They have the best steak in town and the friendliest people running it. Darrell and his wife Sandy will definitely treat you right and give you a good conversation to boot!
Other locals like Ivan and his wife Shirley are there every Sunday night. Once we are in town and get to the Legion, Ivan is right there ready to greet us. He makes a bee-line to our table and cannot wait to talk about All Aboard Wheat Harvest. He has followed me since my first year at AAWH as a guest corespondent. He has got to be my biggest fan. He may not be an internet enthusiast, but he makes sure he receives the High Plains Journal to read up on the latest. It is always nice to talk to him, especially because he had a lot in common with my Dad. Ivan has some antique equipment of his own to play around with. Thank you Ivan for being such an avid follower of AAWH.
Emma: Ivan and Shirley

Emma: American Legion
This sign hangs in the American Legion. One word to describe: Absolutely!

Be safe and God bless!

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  • magne kåre tuhus,norway
    Posted at 14:19h, 12 August

    We passed through Gregory on our midwest roadtrip two years ago. We saw the drive-inn,and even saw your harvest conwoy passing through town.I`m thinking of making another trip to follow the harvest next summer.Maybe you can team me up with a few crews?

  • Sharon and Harry Drake
    Posted at 17:38h, 12 August

    We were on a trip to Wyoming 20 years ago. coming back the weather was bad behind us, so we kept going unless we stopped for gas which was not often,since we had 2 tanks. When we got to Salina, Kansas 4 hours from home we stopped and had breakfast at a hugh truckstop. Their meals was just like that. Our Son and I got half the order and Harry took the full one. We barely finished ours and Harry could not finish. But was sooo good.
    Bless those folks for making a meal like that and give the traveler a lift. There are a lot of places to eat like the Ranch House and the Legion.
    We are still getting rain across Kansas,even though there is some flooding it is glorious to have so much rain.
    Take care Sharon Aug. 12, 2013.

  • Husker Shawn
    Posted at 08:40h, 13 August

    I love Gregory South Dakota too, but my reasons are lots and lots of rooster pheasants and fun filled fall days “up north!”

    Next time I will stop by the Ranch House and Legion and tell them that All Aboard sent me, even though the pheasants really are what brought me!