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Hail affects wheat in areas of Montana

Colorado– Spring wheat harvest activities ended the week at 20 percent complete, up only 4 percentage points from last year.

Nebraska– Wheat harvest was virtually complete at 98 percent, behind 100 last year and 99 average.

South Dakota– Winter wheat was 99 percent ripe, near 100 last year and 100 average.  Harvested were 73 percent, behind 100 last year and 93 average.  Spring wheat ripe was 71 percent, well behind 100 last year and 91 average.  Harvested were 21 percent, also well behind 99 last year and 61 average.  Condition rated 2 percent very poor, 17 poor, 40 fair, 36 good and 5 excellent.

North Dakota– Spring wheat turning color was 73 percent, behind last year at 100 and 78 average.  Ripe was 21 percent.  Harvested was 2 percent, well behind last year’s 71 and 23 average.  Condition rated 1 percent very poor, 5 poor, 23 fair, 63 good and 9 excellent.  Durum wheat turning color was 56 percent, well behind 94 last year but equal to 56 average.  Ripe was 6 percent.  Condition rated 0 percent very poor, 3 poor, 25 fair, 63 good and 9 excellent.

Montana– Hail damage ranging from moderate to severe has been reported for crops in several areas of the state while other areas remain unscathed.  Winter wheat harvested was 55 percent, behind 78 percent a year ago.  Spring wheat harvested was at 4 percent, also behind from last year’s 27 percent.

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