Emma: Oats

Emma_thumbnailFinally in the field! If only for eight acres. A frown to follow that last statement. The rain quit and the wind blew enough to dry out the oats and get in the field. We pulled in, took a sample to town and it was right on the verge of being too wet, but we started cutting at 13 percent moisture. What a good feeling. Since the oats have fallen over from the recent rain and wind, picking it up off of the ground is its own challenge. It is wet and green on the bottom, ripe and dry on the top, so cutting the stems feels like cutting wire. Low and slow is our motto at the moment. We cut around eight acres and then the rain came. I guess little by little we will still get the job done. Hoping for some dryer weather to finish it up.

Emma: oats

Emma: oats

Emma: oats

Emma: Dan combining oats
Dan happy to be combining.

Emma: Leslie sleepin in the cab
I never thought I would see the day that Leslie would fall asleep, but now I have a picture to prove it. Even if it was only for ten minutes.

Emma: Unloading Oats

Emma: rain
Then the rain came again. Better luck tomorrow, maybe.

Emma: August ready to go
It is that time of year again. August is headed back to Kansas to get ready for school. Thanks for all of your help this year August. Come visit us sometime!

Be safe and God bless!

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