Emma: The Ending of a Season

Emma_thumbnailThe ending of a season, so bittersweet. The nights are getting cooler, the weather is rainy and cool, and I might be crazy but the trees here in South Dakota have a yellow tint to them. The wheat harvest season is coming to a close and we are anxiously awaiting fall crops to ripen and turn their fall colors. I hate to see it end so quickly. I feel like we have just started. I will miss the hot days of summer and the golden wheat in the blowing wind, but I am looking forward to the fall colors and the change of crops. I love each season in their own way. God really knew what he was doing.

With the changing season, comes an ending to All Aboard Wheat Harvest for another year. I love writing and sharing my way of life with AAWH followers. You are with me from the great state of Oklahoma, through the panhandle of Texas, and up to South Dakota harvesting the crops that feed the world. Wheat is such a massive part of our food industry, and I am proud to be part of it.

Thank you High Plains Journal and Syngenta for giving me this opportunity to share the first step in making that loaf of bread on your table. A little more of this world is beginning to understand the commitment and hard work that it takes to feed the world.
A heartfelt thank you to AAWH followers for reading my blog and articles in the High Plains Journal. I feel like I know each one of you personally. Thank you for your feedback as well. My job would not be as fun if it weren’t for the comments and questions I receive.

Emma: End of the Season
From my family to yours, have a wonderful rest of the year. Be safe and God bless!
-Emma Misener from Misener Family Harvesters

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Emma can be reached at emma@allaboardharvest.com 


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