Z Crew: Final Post for the 2013 Season

headshot2Denton, Montana/Louisville, Nebraska: Last night, through a series of events, I was told Mom and Dad are loading up the combine at Denton and heading West for their last stop of the summer: Jordan, Montana.

The crop at Denton was tall and heavy. Yielding anywhere from 60 to 75 bushels per acre, it was the best wheat the Z Crew saw all summer! Averaging around 40 acres a day, the cutting was slow moving due to the wheat being just a hair wet. Mom and Dad were working every day at Denton, slow and steady. Unsure of what Jordan, Mont. holds, they’re headed that way and will cut whatever they are able.

Back in Nebraska, Callie started her first week of high school as a sophomore. Over the weekend, Jenna made a trip home from Pennsylvania where she finished a farm show for Claas. We enjoyed a weekend of sister time! It was great having everyone together again. Jenna left Sunday afternoon for another show in Illinois. Meanwhile, Jamie and I have stayed busy around her house cooking, loading the dishwasher, and playing with Eli. He’s growing like a weed!

Although this harvest season wasn’t the best we’ve seen, I can’t help but look back at the last few months and feel completely blessed this is the crazy lifestyle I am a part of. I’d be lying if I said I’m not shedding a few tears right now. From the fields of Oklahoma and Texas to the prairies of Montana, the Z Crew made unforgettable harvest memories in 2013 and we’re so glad you joined us for the drive.

Z Crew: Line at the Elevator
Mom waits in line at the Denton grain elevator.

Z Crew: Heavy Crops
Combing is a slow process with this much straw!

Z Crew: Checking the Field
Dad (far right) and others walk out into the wheat to check the field.

Z Crew: Rounds in the Combine
Making rounds in the combine.

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