All Aboard Harvest | Steph: Is it over already?!
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Steph: Is it over already?!

StephNEW_thumbnailThe morning we depart from home for the two and a half day trip to our first stop in Oklahoma, all I can think about is the summer ahead. All the wheat that awaits, the great memories to be made, the wonderful people we will see again and meet anew. Just when things get in a good groove, right when things are going as smoothly as they have all summer, it all seems to come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, we are all excited to return home after a harvest summer, but there is still that feeling in the back of your mind that things just went by too quickly. I literally feel like I wrote my first post of the summer and now I’m writing my end of the year! Dang, time flies.

Brandon started school this week as a sophomore in high school, leaving any extra maintenance to the machines to be done by Dad and I. Mom has rental properties in town that she has been catching up on maintenance-wise as well. I start classes in my final year at North Dakota State University on Tuesday (Aug. 27th), so I will only be able to make it back home certain weekends to help out with harvest. I have already been examining my class schedule to see when my earliest departure time can be on Fridays.

I was asked countless times this summer what year in college I was, always followed by “well, does that mean this will be your last year on harvest?” Truth me told, I cannot tell you what I am going to be having for breakfast tomorrow, let alone where the turn of events will take me come graduation in May 2014. Regardless if I will be a full-time Osowski Ag Service employee next summer or have to make guest appearances whenever I can sneak time away from my ‘big girl job’, there is no way harvest will not be a part of my summers. As I have said before, it is an addicting lifestyle and once it gets in your blood, there’s no way out. And trust me, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to High Plains Journal, Syngenta, and most importantly all our readers out there. It is the readers that make this all possible and worthwhile to us correspondents. I always look forward to reading the comments and emails that I receive from readers and I greatly appreciate all your wonderful feedback! Harvest is just on the verge of starting up here in the home country, so hopefully I can get a post or two on here about that before the season is up. Until next time, I loved sharing all our adventures with you, and thank you so much for following our journey!

Quote(s) of the Day: “Gross, it even looks too wet from the road. Get your act together already!” “Walsh County ain’t ever seen anything like this before!”

Harvest Tip: There is no such thing as going on harvest too many times.

Our older machine, getting some lovin' before harvest starts at home.

Our older machine, getting some lovin’ before harvest starts up at home.

Brandon changing oil on his dirt bike. He missed all his toys.

Brandon changing oil in his dirt bike. He misses his toys throughout summer.

Dad cruising around the farm.

Dad cruising around the farm.

Checking over all the fingers and bushings on the header.

Dad looking over the bushings and fingers on our header that stays home for summer, making sure it is all ready to go.

I got a new car!!

I got a new car! New Holland yellow, I know. It was not planned. New car and new Luke Bryan CD all in one day. It was a wonderful day, let me tell you.

Little too green yet....

A little too green yet. Wish it would just hurry up already.

Good lookin' wheat!

We predict around 80 bushels for a yield once we finally get to cut.

Green straw and a few green heads yet.

Green heads and straw. The two fields we tested today were at 15.8 percent and 17 percent moisture.

There's one in every crowd it seems. Can't seem to find a ripe field!

There’s one in every crowd it seems. Can’t find a ripe enough field!

My windmill obsession. I forgot to share this one.

My windmill obsession. I forgot to share this one!

One of my favorites from the year!

One of my favorites from the year! I also have a sunset obsession.

Crew photo! From left to right: Brandon, Bob (dad), Loree (mom) and Steph!

One final thanks to all our sponsors and readers out there! 

Have a great rest of the summer!

-Osowski Ag Service

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  • Karen Hancock
    Posted at 13:11h, 26 August

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts this summer, you did an amazing job. One thing for sure, it has never been the same two years in a row. Good luck in your final year of college. The best to all of your family and hope your harvest goes very well!

  • Paul E. Tomlinson
    Posted at 16:48h, 26 August

    I think I enjoy the harvest as much as you all! thanks & be safe!!

  • cdsjerry
    Posted at 09:07h, 27 August

    You are so right about it getting in your blood. I was on a harvest crew when I was in college. My son graduates college in May 2014 so he’s the same age you are.
    In spite of it having been so many years since I was on crew, I miss it each and every year. Sure it’s hard work, but it’s a wonderful life. I wish it had been possible for me to stay on the crew but at the time, it just wasn’t.
    Thank you again for letting me re-live a part of my past along with you on your adventures.


  • Tom Stegmeier/MC Harvesting
    Posted at 20:09h, 27 August

    Really enjoyed your input on the 2013 Harvest run.Oh to be your age again!!! Study hard & work safe.

    God Bless
    Tom & Sandi

  • Sharon and Harry Drake
    Posted at 19:28h, 28 August

    I did the same as you are doing. My Husband, Harry, went to Navy after high school during Viet Nam. I went to local college for nursing. After I was done moved back home to help and worked 2 nd shift. Loved it and then Harry came home and we married, stayed close for year and then left, so we could get some time to live on our own. He also worked for Farmer and went to college. it was the one thing that helped him relax and settle nerves. That Farmer was so understanding.
    Love the new car. Be careful going back and forth to school.
    I remember my first car, after all the vehicles we have had that were good ones, still was my favorite.
    Well, hope you all have a safe and secessful fall. Harry and Sharon Drake Aug. 28,2013