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Steph: Harvest fever

StephNEW_thumbnailOsowski Ag Service has been family owned and operated for the last three years. In spite of the doubt we had all winter, harvest 2014 will go in the books as the fourth year! This is exactly how dad likes to operate so you could say he was a little bit relieved when I told him I would once again be a full-time Osowski Ag employee. Dad has been spoiled with the gift of not having to search for hired help these last few years.  Our crew for the summer will include mom and dad (Bob and Loree), my brother Brandon and myself. We will be traveling to Hobart, Okla to begin our two-month journey across the Midwest before we end up back home in Grafton, ND where wheat harvest will begin shortly after we return.

People around home know we leave every summer so about the last two weeks of May, the questions start rolling in;

·      “Hey, when are you guys leaving?

·      “How are the crops looking down there?”

·      Or, my personal favorite – “Why haven’t you left yet??”

The last question is always the hardest to answer. Dad will tell us we are leaving one day, that will day come and go, and we will still be in North Dakota. Between the weather forecast and reports from our farmers, it is always a severely scrutinized topic at the dinner table. Also, fun fact, I successfully completed my education at North Dakota State University! I graduated on Saturday, May 17th, moved completely out of my apartment and back home the following Monday, and spent the duration of the week in the living room, sick as a dog. And here mom and dad thought having me home would be so much extra help. Sorry, guys. Anywho, I am fit as a fiddle now and have been helping mom clean and organize the house and trailer for the summer.

 Since the harvest is looking a bit slim so far, dad has talked about not bringing the grain cart with us. Seeing as that is normally the rig I haul down, it will certainly make my job and my truck, Big Purple’s, job much easier! About the first week of May, the whole family catches what we like to call the “harvest fever” and it causes us all to get restless for life on the road. Let me tell you, the fever is here.

 See you back on the trail!

Early harvest years.

Back in the early harvest days. Now Brandon is taller than me!

Every harvest kid has a timeline of wheat photos.

Every harvest kid could provide a timeline of growth from summer to summer with wheat photos. Here is Brandon, when he was about three years old.

Every harvest kid has a timeline of wheat photos.

And here is yours truly. Mom loved the bowl cuts when I was a kid.

College graduation!

And now a big fast forward to today, when I control my own hairstyles and graduate from college. We don’t know what camera to look at though, apparently.

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