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Steph: Day one complete

StephNEW_thumbnailAfter waiting out the humidity till early afternoon, we were able to get a solid 10 hours of cutting in! Not too shabby, considering the humidity still remained around 50 percent throughout the day. We were combining right next to some mountains which made for a beautiful harvest scenery.

Come spring, our favorite type of crop updates come from the phone calls we make to our farmers on the harvest run. However, with the continuous drought and conditions that leave something to be desired, having a crop at all is considered an achievement in certain parts of the Midwest. Here at our first stop, we have discovered that the doom and gloom crop we were warned about isn’t as doom-y and gloomy after all! The fields that were anticipated to only do around 7 bushels are bringing in between 17 to 20 bushels with test weights around 60 to 62. Talk about a pleasant surprise!

Today is one of those days when I will turn the reins over to my pictures to better explain our day.

A little wheat. I really like how this turned out for some reason.

I really like how this turned out for whatever reason.

A little meeting of the minds.

A little meeting of the minds, consisting of (from left to right) Brandon, Dad (Bob), Farmer Mike and Seth.


A beautiful background for combining.

Farmer Mike looks on the action.

Farmer Mike looks on at the harvest action.

Near the mountains!

How Brandon normally looks.

How Brandon normally looks.

Town we haul to.

The town we haul our grain to.


Some wildlife.

Some wildlife.

Sunset from a combine cab, nothin' better.

Nothin’ like a sunset from a combine cab.

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