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Steph: Whirlwind of a Day

StephNEW_thumbnailSo many things happened today that it is hard to decide where to begin! Days likes these I get all excited when I’m writing a post because the words come so easily.

First off, I apologize for the lack of photos from today. You will notice that all but one of my photos are from the cab of the combine, which is where I gladly spent my day. While combining, a pretty neat thing happened that nobody could have anticipated. While glancing from yield monitor to header, the yield monitor was showing 30, 40, and even a glimpse into the 50 per bushel range! Test weights were consistent at 63.5 percent. In the conditions that this area has seen, neither us nor Farmer Mike could be any more thrilled.

Early afternoon, we were going to be moving to fields that would be used for seed wheat. Because of this, we make sure to clean off our combines the best we can so the wheat that will be used for seed will be as clean as possible. I was up in the grain hopper of the combine, swooshing out as much excess grain as possible using our air compressor. As I was doing this, the coupler that connects our air hose to the wand I was using broke off, causing the air hose to fly around the hopper in an uncontrollable tizzy. Other than a little battle scar, there was no harm done to me or the combine, but it definitely shook me up a bit!

We are lucky enough at this stop that all our fields are within just a few miles, if not across the road from each other. While eating supper last night, we noticed a few combines pulled into what looked like one of our fields just to the north of us. Our farmer had not mentioned anybody else helping him out with his harvest, so dad gave him a call to check and see. After a very short conversation with our farmer, mom was instructed to go over and see if the crew realized that they were, in fact, combining our field. Upon asking the truck driver, mom figured out that the crew had mistaken some directions and were actually supposed to be in the field across the road! They had combined exactly one truck load, so we had them take it the elevator under our farmer’s name and no harm done. The good news is they cut a couple terraces, so less work for us when we get to that field.

Thank goodness it rained some last night. That much excitement in one day is exhausting!

Harvest Tip: Rather than using left or right when giving directions, use cardinal directions. You never know what direction people may be coming from, and your left may perhaps be their right.

Today's harvest, brought to you by Miranda Lambert.

Today’s harvest brought to you by Miranda Lambert.

My view from my mobile office.

The view from my mobile office.

Lunch break, snuck a shot of dad.

Got a snap of dad while on my short lunch break!

When the dust hangs at 8pm like this, it's gonna be an early night.

When the dust hangs in the air like this at 8pm, you know it is going to be an early night. This means there is little breeze and the wheat gets tough for the combines to digest.

Not a bad view.

Not a bad view.

A sign of a successful day.

A sign of another successful day.

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