Jada: What happens after we harvest

OftJada_thumbnailentimes when we leave a field after it’s harvested, the only thing that brings us back until the next harvest season is to pick up a truck or something else deserted in the field. Little do we see what are farmers are doing when we leave.

The other day, I had the opportunity to catch Kelly leaving the sprayer due to the winds which weren’t optimal for spraying. Unfortunately, I was too late for a video. A photo op was the best I could do. Kelly recently resigned from her position as a agriculture bank auditor to return to her true passion- farming. While she recently joins her father to help as a full-time farmer, she has been helping on her free time and residing in Olney, Texas for the past year.

Kelly shuts down the sprayer due to the wind speed being to high JB
Kaidence poses with the two newest additions to Campbell farms.

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