Emma: What is the Misener Family Up To?

EmmaAs you read in my previous post, there is no wheat to cut in western Oklahoma. Some were lucky to have a scattered shower at the right time to let the wheat grow a tiny head and they are attempting to harvest what they do have.

I talked to a farmer about 45 miles west of Elk City and he said his insurance agent determined the wheat to be around 20 bushels per acre, but when he went to harvest they only averaged ten bushels per acre in the good fields. Other fields have not been yielding anything and have been zeroed out completely.

This leaves Misener Family Harvesters, other harvesters, and farmers in a predicament. What do we do if there is no wheat to harvest?

We are relying on the second part of our business, repair and restoration. For the past couple of months we have been repairing machines for the locals. My Dad had a thing for antique tractors and he instilled that love into my brother Dan. When there is no work to do in the field there is still work to do at home. It may not be the highest paying job, but eventually we will have all the machines in working condition and will be able to sell them. Our summer is not what we hoped, but we make do with what we can.

Emma: repairs at home

Working on machines is what we do when we’re not in the wheat field.

Emma: sidewalk surprise
This little guy and his friends make daily appearances on our shop sidewalks. These horny toads are everywhere down here. They feel just like a toad except for those two little horns on the top of their head.

We will continue praying that rain will come to this part of the country and surrounding areas. Our faith is forever in God. We know this too, shall pass, and rain will eventually come. It makes me wonder what God is trying to teach us. Patience? Understanding? Determination? Sympathy? Whatever it is, I hope we learn it fast.

Be safe and God bless!

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