Jada: Rain to cure a drought?

Yesterday was Hoffman Harvesting’s first day to get in the field at our second scheduled stop. Kiowa, Kansas has been really dry but has received around 6- 8 inches of rain in the last two weeks. The previous nine months tallied a total of 1 inch. Word says that if they get 2 more inches of rain, it will cure their drought for the year. This doesn’t however undo the damage the drought has done. Crops will yield less this year and cattle have been sold due to lack of water. Some think the drought has caused this to be one of their worst crop seasons.

A combine cuts back to get supper

A combine cuts back for supper time.

Whether this is the case or not, we are harvesting wheat that is yielding less than normal- 15- 30 bushels per acre. We have combines both west and north of Kiowa. Conditions are wetter around the Alva area. This isn’t new news as everywhere seems to be getting their fair share of rain. Too bad it’s too late for the farmers to reap the benefit from the rains. Now all that will grow is weeds instead of yields. But if this could cure a drought…. we’ll take it!

Washed out roads east of Kiowa had us taking the way

Washed out roads west of Kiowa, Kansas had us taking the long way.

for the first time in a long time 4WD on our machines will come in handy

East of Kiowa the fields had muddy conditions but the wheat was dry. It’s the first time in a long time our 4WD on our machines has come in handy here.

East of Kiowa the fields had muddy conditions but the wheat was dry. Rains came again yesterday evening leaving us unable to cut today. Instead we went on a short trip to Machester, KS to visit our friends at K & K Diesel. They fixed our truck that broke down on the way up. Now it will be ready to go when we can get started cutting again.

A visit to our friends from K and K of Manchester KS

Picking up our repaired truck from K and K Diesel

A view of the K & K lot. They are popular because they know their stuff!

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