Steph: Friday the 13th

StephNEW_thumbnailAfter a cloudy and wet morning, our header was finally reacquainted with wheat around 4pm this afternoon. Before we got going, Brandon and dad sent mom and I on a parts run. Surprise, surprise, right? While on the phone with Brandon, he described the parts he needed as “those two turn buckle things and then I need whatever it is they hook into.” That boy has such an eye for detail. Anyway, thankfully New Holland Harvest Support was able to decode what that meant and we returned with the correct parts (and Sno-cones).

I was able to log a few hours into the combine this evening, which is an opportunity I rarely turn down since dad and Brandon occupy that seat so often. However, you could have sworn they planned it that way because not long after I occupied the seat, a very loud, disruptive sound started coming from the machine. Now, loud noises like that could mean any number of things, so I wasted no time beckoning for dad on the radio to come survey the situation. The end result was a broken rotor bearing, so definitely not as bad as I would have guessed. Such a little part breaking sure did make a big noise. I would also like to point out that this happened on Friday the 13th during a full moon. Coincidence? I think not.

The fixing of the bearing ended up being a family affair. With all the help we were back in the wheat within an hour. No sweat! Our yields have been staying in the 20 bushels per acre range, with test weights in the upper 50s.

Quote of the Day: “Just walk away for a few minutes, get your bearings back, and go back and work on it again.”  – such a pun-y remark made by my mother during such an evening.

Harvest Tip: When repairing machines at the end of the field, check all tires and flat surfaces for tools before resuming field work. Your farmer will not want to cultivate your wrenches in with his crop for the following year.

Your friendly neighborhood New Holland dealer.

Your friendly neighborhood New Holland dealer.

Harvest Support truck.

The Harvest Support truck. A treasure chest full of combine parts.

Sno-cones. Low budget wonder and it's too cold to have them in ND.

Sno-cones. A low-budget wonder, and we don’t have stands that sell them in ND since it’s always so cold. No one wants to think about snow in the small window of time it is not on the ground.

Unloading time.

Unloading time, while Brandon watches.

Dad, looking all majestic.

Dad, looking all majestic.

Trying to run from the camera....nice try.

Trying to run from the camera….gonna have to try harder.

Fixing on the bearing.

Fixing the rotor bearing.

"Being a mechanic is a workout", said by Brandon.

Brandon and dad will tell you that being a mechanic is a workout.

Sibling teamwork.

Sibling teamwork to help dad put the bearing in place.

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