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EmmaSome days repairing combines can feel tedious and frustrating if things do not go according to the plan. Other days, things go exactly like you thought and that one little cloud in the sky seems to hover directly over you as if to say, “hey, need some shade?”

It is always nice to have company. In dry and hot conditions the days seem to last forever. My nephew, Leslie (an adorable Okie), and my niece, Elizabeth (the cutest red-head ever), join in the repairing fun. They are great little tool runners and they know exactly where things go. They are not shy about telling the new guys that they put a tool away improperly, either!

Emma: oklahoma repairs

Kids teach you patience, but you can learn so much from them too.

#1- Simply be HAPPY! A long day can go much faster if you just smile. If you force yourself to smile, soon you forget you are forcing it and you are in a happier mood.

#2- It’s okay if you don’t know everything. Life is a learning process. Imagine if you DID know everything. Wouldn’t that be boring?

#3- Own your mistakes. If you have done something wrong, own it right away. When you do, you can see the burden that has been lifted off of the shoulders of those affected. An added bonus? It keeps you humble!

Emma: oklahoma repairs

Emma: oklahoma repairs

Emma: oklahoma repairs

Love the little kids in your life. They won’t be little forever!

Be safe and God bless!

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