Jada: Catching up

Rain struck the evening before Father’s Day leaving harvest dads in Kiowa with their special day off. We enjoyed a day of leisure letting daddy decide what we should do for the day. The day included relaxation and a cook-out with our friends from Williams Ag.

The rains, which seemed to be hitting us every other day, subsided after Father’s Day and lent us time to catch up in the fields. On Thursday, we finally got caught up. We wrapped up our Kiowa harvest and headed to Pratt with the equipment.

It seems several harvesters including us, are having trouble being everywhere they need to be. Word in the harvest circle is some harvesters are still in Oklahoma while others have headed to Northern Kansas. This has made it tough for us to make everyone happy. I am glad to say we are caught up for now!

Happy Fathers Day!

Kaidence wishes her daddy Happy Father’s Day with a homemade card.
A morning service

A morning service. We make a ritual of it.

A header view

A header view.

Harvesting in Kiowa

A birds eye view of one of our combines opening up a field.

A view of the sunset by the tracks we cut by

While cutting by the tracks, this was our view at sunset.

High winds in Kiowa Kansas have dust blowing from fields which were never seeded/ planted.

A couple days worth of high winds in Kiowa Kansas had farmers working their fields that didn’t have any crop on them.

Combines moving to a new field in Hazleton

Moving to a new field.

Celebrating Eds bday

I don’t know about you, but Ed’s feeling 22. Happy Birthday!

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