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Steph: Finishing up in Jet, Okla.

StephNEW_thumbnailI feel as if humidity has been a frequent topic in my recent posts, but that is because it is something that we simply cannot get over. It directly affects how our combine runs, our exhaustion levels, and how the wheat behaves when going through the machine.

The night before last, we had 90 percent humidity at 10:39pm. What kind of nonsense is this? We have this kind of humidity at home, but it is certainly something we haven’t had to worry about down here. Because of this, dad “mysteriously” goes missing in the afternoons sometimes to sneak in a nap. Brandon and I let it slide for now since we can keep up with one truck driver for our combine. On my last ticket from the elevator, the test weight was 61 pounds with moisture at 12 percent. The yield is only showing 18 bushels per acre, but that test weight is definitely something we like to see!

We are in our final acres here in Jet, Okla. and will be moving onto our third stop on the trail in the next couple days: Lyons, Kan. Summer is flying by. Going to our third stop means we will be halfway through our harvest run! Someone slow it down, please.

Actually, we thought our action was going to get slowed down for sure last night. While checking the radar, dad saw two different clusters of storms forming and heading in our direction. However, all they did was provide some beautiful lighting for pictures!

Quote of the Day:  “How does it look from the road?” – we have been saying this since harvest started, but when it was said earlier it just hit me that it needed to be put in here. A way that we all dictate how a field will yield is by driving by and looking at it. However, we have found that this summer, looks can be very deceiving. Some of the worst fields have turned out to have the highest yield, if not a solid test weight.

Dad on lunch delivery!

Dad on lunch delivery!

"Why must you always photograph us?"

“Why must you always photograph us?”

Brandon's favorite part of the day: lunch.

Brandon’s favorite part of the day: lunch (or anytime when food is involved).

Dad, trucking down the road.

Dad, trucking along.

Finishing up a field!

Dad, overlooking the action.

Dad overlooking some action.



What a sky.

What a sky.

Can I name them all the same thing?

Big Purple.

We caught a friend, temporarily.

We caught a friend, temporarily.

Nap time for the little guy.

Nap time for the little guy.

What a sunset.

Some cool lighting.

Brandon in some cool lighting.

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