Jada: Rain in Pratt

Yesterday Hoffman Harvesting was able to get a full day of harvest done in the Pratt area. Around suppertime we celebrated another birthday in the field, but by the time the cake was cut, drops started to fall. At first it was only a sprinkle, but radar proved it would be more than that. We received a half inch and along with the humidity it was enough to stop us for another day. Here are some pictures of the action.

Oak harvests our way 2

Oak harvesting in Iuka.

Chatting with farmer Ross

Our farmer, Ross, comes to check on the progress.

Harvesting in Iuka

It’s in the clouds…. you can tell rain is possible earlier on in the day.

Celebrating Leons bday in the field

Another tailgate birthday party for Leon ended early due to drops falling. Kaidence and Oak pose with the birthday boy.

Unloading after returning to cutting after supper

Dumping on the grain cart in Coats.

Parking the trucks at the Iuka elevator to avoid the mud

Moving trucks to the Iuka Elevator due to the rain.

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