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Steph: Then Came the Rain

StephNEW_thumbnailAfter being at our third stop, Lyons, Kansas, for a day, we have already been chased out of the fields by rain. We got almost a full day in before the clouds rolled in and we rolled out. I was on my way back from the elevator when the rain hit so I was sent straight back to the camper rather than park in the soon-to-be-muddy field. About five miles from town, the rain came down in full force, causing an almost white out. Between the high winds, the heavy rain and my heightened anxiety, I was able to find a safe spot to pull over my truck and wait out the storm a bit. I’ll be the first to admit thunderstorms and I don’t have the most simpatico relationship.

With the rain, we were able to focus our attention to the guards on our header this afternoon. With Brandon, Dad and I all working on them, it went by rather quickly. Well that, and some choice music to pump us up for the task. Nothing a little Def Leppard can’t handle. We all got a good sweat on after the task and I am willing to bet it was one of the first times when Brandon threw ice down my back that I really didn’t mind it. Little brothers, what can you do?

All lined up and ready to hit the road.

All lined up and ready to make the trip north.

The necessities of traveling: sunflower seeds and a raspberry tea.

Travel necessities: sunflower seeds and raspberry tea.

My view when traveling.

My view as we travel.

I love windmills.

I love windmills. I think this is my first I have included in a post this harvest season but I assure you, there will be more. 🙂

Here comes the rain...

And here comes the rain…

Brandon fixing on the header.

Brandon fixing on the header.

Our vintage coffee can to take samples to the elevator with. Sad that they don't make tin coffee cans anymore.

Using our vintage coffee can when we need to take samples.

Almost finished putting new guards on

Almost got all the guards changed out!

Old guard on top versus the new guard on the bottom.

Old sickle guard (top) versus the new sickle guard (bottom).

And we found a broken sickle too.

And we found a broken sickle too.



Dad and I, doing the teamwork thing.

Dad and I, doing the teamwork thing.

Dad trying to pull off my aviators.

Dad trying to pull off my aviators.

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