Jada: Take the bad with the good

Yesterday, we said goodbye to friend and co-worker, Andrew “Oak”. He needs to go home for some personal reasons. Having had him with us for four years on harvest, he will be greatly missed by our harvest family. His leadership, friendship and smiling face will especially be missed. If he is able, we pray he will be able to return soon!

Kaidence says goodbye to Oak

Kaidence hugs Oak goodbye.

On a more fun note, we received a new toy delivered to us from Missouri. It’s a fuel cart. We will look forward to using it especially when we are split up. The “toy” was made by R & J Custom Fabrication. The inspiration came from fellow harvester and friend, Garrett of Thouvenel Harvesting, who collaborated with R & J to make the first fuel trailer of its kind. According to R & J, our “toy” is the third to be made.

Leons new toy

Our new toy.

To get ahead of the game, the rest of our crew members took a few hours to move our combine trailers up from Kiowa. Now, they will be ready to load when we finish harvesting here in Pratt. We also settled up with our farmers in Kiowa.

R and J Custom Fabrication

R & J Custom Fabrication made our new toy. The idea originated by fellow harvest friend, Garrett of Thouvenel Harvesting.

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