All Aboard Harvest | Emma: Yeah, my Momma did that!
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Emma: Yeah, my Momma did that!

EmmaWe recently took a trip to South Dakota to attend a funeral. The father of some close friends, and customers of ours, passed away. When we are harvesting up there, every Sunday after mass, we went to visit “Grandpa Al” in the nursing home. He had such a sense of humor and was never without a smile on his face. We have known this family for years and consider them a part of our family.

When it was time to take the trip back home, we were gifted with good ol’ South Dakota rhubarb from the farm! We have tried to transplant some rhubarb in the past, but Oklahoma has something that South Dakota does not: armadillos. Those darn armadillos eat rhubarb like candy and we cannot keep them out of it.

Momma being who she is decided to make some homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie! This does NOT mean buying a pre-made crust. She makes her own scrumptious crust. This is absolutely my favorite kind of pie. There are none that compare! And that goes for my Momma, too.

Emma: Yeah my Momma did that!

Emma: Yeah my Momma did that!
Yeah, you’re counting that right. Four pies!

Emma: Yeah my Momma did that!

Be safe and God bless!

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