Emma: Delicious Layer Dessert

EmmaIf you have read any of my posts in the past, you know that my Momma is the best cook around! She not only makes amazing new dishes, she brings back the golden oldies too. Like this dessert she made the other day. It  is so simple, anyone could make it. In fact, there really is not a recipe for it. So, if you can make Jello, you can make it.

Emma: Delicious Layer Dessert

Delicious Layer Dessert

What you will need:
1 package of Jello (your favorite flavor)
1 package of instant pudding (your favorite flavor)
Fresh fruit of your choice
Whipped topping

(Seriously, that is it!)

  1. Make the Jello and pour into a dish/pan/bowl filling it about half full.
  2. Add the fruit to the warm Jello in the dish/pan/bowl and let it set in the frigde.
  3. Once the Jello/fruit is set up, make your instant pudding and spoon it on top of the fruit and Jello. Another variation is to mix fruit into the pudding.
  4. Let it cool in the fridge, and then you are ready to serve with whipped topping.

This is definitely a great dessert for the Fourth of July. Go red, white and blue!

Emma: Delicious Layer Dessert

Emma: Delicious Layer Dessert
Abigail with her momma, Katie (my sister).

Emma: Delicious Layer Dessert
Katie’s other daughters Martha and Clara.

Emma: Delicious Layer Dessert
And last but not least, her daughters Lauren and Martha.

Emma: Delicious Layer Dessert
Of course little Leslie, Dan and Austin.

Be safe and God bless!

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