Steph: Final Day in Lyons, Kan.

StephNEW_thumbnailOsowski Ag Service will be bidding adieu to Lyons, Kan. after a 10-day stay. In a harvester’s perspective, 10 days feels like a long time since we are all about the in-and-out approach; pulling into town, harvesting our crop, and shipping on out. The rain held up harvest action all over the state, so it helps to know that we are not alone.

Although moving on to our next stop is something we need to do, a tough decision was forced along with it. With all the weeds in the field, our farmer was going to have his adjuster come out and decide whether the crop below the weeds was worth spraying or not. The adjuster concluded that the crop was worth spraying and that our farmer would incur more of a loss not harvesting it at all. Because we are needed at our next stop, we had to make the decision to leave the remainder of our acres. Our farmer will have it sprayed in the next few days, and have a neighbor finish up the portions of the fields we left behind.

We have heard through the harvest grapevine that the crops get progressively better from here on out, so we are looking forward to see what’s in store for us! Speaking of harvest grapevine, dad has a harvest friend that he talks to every other day, if not more. Brandon and I know his name, but we have decided to call him Charlie. I am going to safely assume you are all familiar with the television show “Charlie’s Angels.” You see, this friend never comes around and the rest of us (Brandon, mom and I) have ever met him, only heard his voice through the phone. I don’t know if that makes us three the “angels” and dad “Bosley”, or if dad is actually calling a psychic hotline to see what they have to say about the outlook of harvest.

Shout-out to the ADM elevator in Hutchinson, Kan! The staff was always friendly each and every load I took there. Also, the grain pit workers had to put up with our tough traps on our hopper bottom trailer and did not complain once. Even a whole tube of grease didn’t loosen them puppies up, but I did try my best to help them out.

Quote of the Day: “To be clear, am I getting told off here?” – our farmer talking to his wife, after she tells him how it’s gonna be.

Combining around the weeds.

Combining around the weeds that have sprouted up in the fields.

Playing in the mud.

Brandon loves when the fields are muddy because then he gets to use rear-wheel assist.

Standing water in the fields.

Thank you, rear-wheel assist.


And the field has been conquered.

My last load to the ADM elevator in Hutchinson, Kan.

Unloading my last load at the ADM elevator in Hutchinson, Kan.

Thanks to the elevator workers for putting up with our tough-to-open traps.

Trickling down into the grain leg.

All snuggled in to unload.

All snuggled in. Thanks for the great service!

The biggest elevator I haul to all summer!

The biggest elevator I haul to all summer!

Dad getting the trailer all situated to load up the combine.

Dad backing up the trailer to get the combine all loaded up.

Here comes Brandon! I didn't mean to make this black and white, but it turned out alright.

Dad watches as Brandon drives the combine up on to the trailer.

Dad looks on as Brandon drives the combine onto the trailer.

Here she comes!


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