Steph: Picture Perfect Day

StephNEW_thumbnailWhen I looked at the clock and realized it was 7:30pm, I could hardly believe it. Today flew by! I guess that’s what dry heat and a breeze will do – perfect harvesting conditions! Between constant harvest action and moving equipment from field to field (which were about 10 miles apart), we were able to keep busy. This made the day to go by fast but come evening, the wear of the long day was apparent on all our faces. Well, the wear, and the fact that we all got a little dirt on our hands (and arms and faces and necks).

Our yields were anywhere from 40-60 bushels per acre, with test weights between 60 and 64 pounds. I was a busy truck driver today because our fields were just far enough away from the elevator that when I would return to the field, the combine would be ready to fill me right back up and send me back on my merry way. Also, when there is a sign to warn of “Winding Roads”, you know there is adventure to be had. Not exactly my idea of perfect hauling conditions, but I like to think it helps me hone in on my truck-driving skills.

The scenery for our harvest day was picture perfect, so I hope you enjoy the photos from today! They will do a better job of describing my day than I ever could.

Such a comforting sign to see!

Very comforting sign, I must say. The road wasn’t too bad, though.

The sky was picture perfect today.

Picture perfect sky.

The scenery of my day.

The boss had to get out of the combine to get service.

Boss-man had to stop the combine and stand on the step to get cell service.

Around and around.

Around and around.

Gimme just one dirt road.

Gimme just one dirt road.

The clouds were so cute and puffy today.

The clouds were so cute and puffy today.


Dad, logging in a few more hours in the combine.

Logging a few more hours in, as if he doesn’t have any.

40 bushel wheat, not too shabby.

Sarah and I :)

So everyone, this is Sarah. We have been friends since high school. Like college often does to high school friends, we have been in separate towns these last few years and with our busy lives, it has been difficult to get together. Now, ironically, her fiance is from St. Francis, Kan. The other day, she sent me a message saying she was in St. Francis and was thinking of me, knowing we harvest here. However, she didn’t know that I actually WAS in town as well! I ended up picking her up in town today and she spent the afternoon in the truck as my co-pilot. The beauty about good friends is that no matter how long it has been since you’ve seen each other, you somehow can pick up right where you left off.

Sarah's first time tarping a truck! She looks impressed, doesn't she?

Sarah’s first time tarping a truck! What a natural.

The road to our next field.

The road to our next field is a bit of a steep one.

A combine and windmill, does it get any better?

Combines and windmills, what a wonderful pair!

Good lighting.

Such good lighting.

Good lighting again.

Mom looking cool in her Ray Bans.

Mom looking cool in her Ray Bans.

Windmills and sunsets.

Windmills and sunsets, another wonderful combination.

Another successful day.

Today was an all-around good picture day.

Today was an all-around good day for pictures.

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