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Jada: Goodland harvest good despite hail

Hoffman Harvesting continues to cut in the Goodland, Kan. area. We have harvested wheat around Edson and Brewster. While the wheat has received hail, it is doing good despite it. Yields are averaging 30 to 70 bushels per acre while test weights range from 60- 62.

Depending on the severity of the hail, we have to cut lower to catch the heads that are leaning down from being beaten from the hail. Another element that has affected the yield in some of the fields we have cut is washouts, which have occurred from a massive amount of rain which fell almost at once- 5 inches. It has also made it harder to navigate some country roads which are a bit bumpy.

While rain continues to be in the forecast and clouds hang above our field, we haven’t received enough rain to make us shut down completely. Last evening we received rain but it was after we shut our machines down due to tough wheat. Cooler evening temperatures and humidity is making us have to shut down shortly after sunset. Here are some photos of the action.
Moving to a new field

Moving to a new field South of Brewster with a dark sky as the backdrop.
The combine operaters cut into a new field and enter field info into their Green Star

The guys get off the road then enter field info into their field monitors.

Front and center view

A cab view of the action.

All four use GPS

A view of all four combines using GPS.

Clouds hang above our fied

Rain clouds hang above the field but we wouldn’t receive rain until after the wheat was too tough to cut. Since the rainfall was minimal where we were cutting, we should be able to get back in the field today.

Another view of the sunset

A sunset view of the neighboring field.

A sunset viiew of the neighboring field can you see the combine

Another view. Can you find the combine?

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