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Emma: Summer, Sun and Sweat

EmmaThis summer is one for the record books. I have never experienced a summer as humid as it has been in Western Oklahoma. For some, 70 percent humidity is okay, but for us, whew! I would take a dry 115 degree day over a 90 degree day with 80 percent humidity any day. Those of you living in the East can keep your humidity!

We have had some rain, but maybe the rain from the northern states can make a detour down South. We could definitely use some more to fill up our dry streams and lakes.

This past week at Misener Family Harvesters we have been cleaning house, so to speak. Staying at home for the summer until the fall crops arrive actually can have perks. We have been doing odd jobs around the yard that we have been putting off for some time. My Daddy was a very avid antique tractor collector, including literature and implements. Our little two acre chunk of happiness has become a bit crowded over the past 15 years. It was time to get things cleaned up, and reorganized. Two acres may not sound like much, but when there are tractors and implements, parts and weights scattered from one end to the other, its can feel more like 2,000 acres. We’re moving and reorganizing so we will be able to determine what needs repaired, and what doesn’t.

Emma: cleanin' up

Emma: cleanin' up

Emma: cleanin' up

Be safe and God bless!

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