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Jada: A Goodland harvest update and an important announcement


Hail damage and moisture have been matters of the heart for Hoffman Harvesting as we continue to harvest in the Goodland area. While meager sprinkles haven’t shut us down for long, they have caused us to be more wary of our moisture monitors.

A morning line up

Machines parked but ready to run!

Hoffman Harvesting has missed out on several potential thunder storms, but clouds continue to linger above us causing shorter harvest days. This is due to cooler temperatures and less sun to dry the wheat out. Hail has also affected the yields and is evident in most fields we have cut in the area. While some have faired better than others, one can’t help to think what the yields could have been in each and every one of them.

The fleet in all their glory
The fleet lined up waiting for wet wheat to dry.

this wheat is matters of the hail
Hail damage is evident with a brief glimpse of this wheat.

A Goodland night sky

Harvest nights have been cut short but potential storms have produced picturesque skies.

We interrupt this message for a brief but important announcement………………

How old am I today thats right 5

Someone on the Hoffman Harvesting crew is 5 today. 

Fraser and Alex enjoying their meal harvest style

Yes, Alex, five today! (Fraser and Alex eating their evening meal harvest style.)

Kaidence and the nice sunset

Happy Birthday, Kaidence……. You are truly Hoffman Harvesting’s sunshine!


I think she’s saying, “Peace, we’re out!”

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