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Z Crew: the Key to a successful trip (is don’t lock it in the pickup)

headshot2Limon, CO: The last few days have been filled with nothing but sunshine, dirt and a whole lot of highway. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Mom and Dad finished cutting in Garden City on Monday evening. Tuesday was spent cleaning the combine, loading the Frank and prepping for the first trip to Colorado. Wednesday morning Dad and I hit the road hauling the combine and header. Once we (finally) made it to the farm south of Limon, we turned right back around and made it to Garden City around 10pm. Exhausted, we went to sleep and woke up Thursday and made the trip all over again with the trailer house. Once the trailer house was parked, Mom and Dad hopped in the truck and went straight out to the field!

I hate sharing this story with all of you but it’s about the most excitement we’ve had in the last three days. Wednesday morning Dad and I parked in Sharon Springs outside of our favorite little cafe and ran inside for some breakfast. After eating our fair share of pancakes, we went back out to hit the road. I unlocked the pickup and grabbed a couple of my All Aboard Wheat Harvest business cards to run inside and stick on their bulletin board. When I walked back out to the pickup, eager to hit the road again, I pulled on a locked door handle. The keys taunted me as they sat locked inside on the center console. Turns out we didn’t grab the spare key. Oops. Dad called Mom. Her and Callie drove the 100 miles to Sharon Springs to bring the spare. I couldn’t stop kicking myself but Dad wasn’t upset with me. He patted me on the back and said, “It could’ve been me. And if this is the worst thing that happens on the trip, I’ll be tickled. Nothing’s dented, no one’s hurt. It could’ve been much worse.” Lesson learned. I think I’m gonna invest in a fanny pack to wear around with a spare key in it…

Z Crew: Cleaning crew
A good lookin’ cleaning crew!

Z Crew: Dirty header
Here’s what we’re trying to clean out of the header. It’s a dirty, itchy job.

Z Crew: Blowing off the header
After Mom, Callie and I pulled out as much of the straw and wheat we could, Dad took over with the air compressor.

Z Crew: Blowing off the combine
Workin’ away.

Z Crew: Taylor and Jim
Dad’s real particular about how the job is done. I’m trying to learn his ways.

Z Crew: Callie's break time
Callie takes a quick break from the heat.

Z Crew: Staying in the shade
Then it was our turn.

Z Crew: Comine gals
This is a picture for the history books. Dad actually let me drive the combine! No worries, we weren’t moving yet when I snapped this picture.

Z Crew: Eat Beef. Keep Slim.
It’s what’s for dinner! (We’ve been stopping at Garden City for quite a few years now and I’ve always wanted a picture of this. I finally took 30 seconds and pulled of the road to snap the shot. Totally worth it!)

Z Crew: Work selfie
To end the night, Dad and I loaded the combine onto the trailer and finished some last minute jobs before we hit the road early the next morning. I took this picture right next to the combine’s windshield. I’m really scared of heights but I still climb up there to put up the windshield cover!

Z Crew: Telephone poles
Wednesday, this was my view for the day. Nothin’ but telephone poles for miles. (I finally had to stop in Sharon Springs to clean off my dirty windshield!)

Z Crew: Colorado
Eastern Colorado is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. 

“Anyone can love the mountains, but it takes soul to love the prairie.”

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