Megan: Keepin’ Busy in Kansas

Hoxie, Kan. – The past week has been a wild ride for Roland Harvesting. On July 2nd the crew finished up in Russell (despite the persistent rain) and moved up to Hoxie, Kan. where we have had the pleasure of cutting the best wheat we’ve seen all summer! The average yields have been between 40 to 60 bushels per acre with test weights running up to 64.5 pounds! Needless to say everyone is thrilled by the greatly improved circumstances.

With the high yields and longer hauls to the elevators, our little skeleton crew was unable to keep up with the madness. Luckily, we had some tricks up our sleeves. Jose, who has spent the previous two summers on the road with Roland Harvesting, recently finished up an internship and has been reunited with the crew. Justin, our trusty grain cart operator,  has met back up with the harvest run as well.  Not only has our crew expanded but we’ve also brought more equipment to meet the needs of our farmers. During a stretch of rain days at Russell, Brandon and Matt journeyed back to the farm in Nebraska to pick up our 3rd combine and the tractor/grain cart. With everyone back on board and many acres ahead of us, we’re anxious to keep moving up the road.

Here is a compilation of Mom’s photos from Russell and Hoxie. She’s getting pretty darn good, huh?!

Getting set up
The convoy preparing to move in a mannerly fashion to the next field.

Opening up a field
Dad opens up a field near Russell. I beg to differ with the saying about “Kansas being flat.”

Oklahoma weather vane
This photo is a flashback from the outskirts of Carmen. Locals call it an “Oklahoma weather vane!”

Brandon trying to enjoy one of Mom’s delicious meals out in the field. Due to the pesky mosquitos and flies biting, this supper was devoured inside the safety of the pickup.

Tight squeeze under the bridge
Everyone always holds their breath while moving the combines under bridges. It was a tight squeeze but it looks like we had an inch or two to spare this time.

The elevator in Russell let’s you know that you’re in the heart of wheat country.

Dad poses for the camera, which is a rare sight!

Movin' down the road
Moving with the headers on is always tricky. Matt and Mom stop traffic uphill and play interference until the combines pull safely into the new field nearby.

Happy to have the 3rd CR here
Roland Harvesting is happy to have the 3rd CR back on the road!

Hooking up the header
Dad lines the combine up to unload the header onto the trailer.

Justin unloads the grain cart onto the truck and heads back out to catch the combines again. With the extra combine and fantastic yields, he has been running nonstop!

Finishing up a field
Brandon finishing up the last field in Russell.

On the move
A view from the combine cab as the convoy makes their way back to the combine trailers.

Matt doing electrical work on the header trailer
Matt does some electrical work on one of the header trailers.

Kansas beauty
Here’s a little bit of Kansas countryside to enjoy.

We’re excited to have Jose’s smiling face back on the road with us!

Country sunset
If only photos could capture the country sunsets true beauty!

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