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Z Crew: Cuttin’ in Colorado!

headshot2Limon, CO: As soon as we arrived in Colorado, Mom and Dad jumped right into the field. The last few days have been smooth cutting with the dryland wheat making phenomenal yields averaging 62-64lbs and  80 bushels per acre. Compared to the usual 20 bushels per acre, this crop is outstanding.

While Mom and Dad are in the field, Callie and I have been staying as busy as we can. Laying pool side, grocery shopping, baking pies…you know, important stuff! When dinner time rolls around that’s when things get exciting. We drive out to the farm and help set up for the big meal with the whole crew. Here in Limon we help a large family that already runs two combines and a grain cart. It’s a lot of fun seeing how larger crews operate.

The last couple evenings after dinner we’ve had just enough rain to shut down combines for the night. I think I can speak for the majority and say we like it that way because everyone can relax and enjoy the company.

Tomorrow marks me and Callie’s first week on harvest! It’s been busy but it’s flown by. We look forward to a busy week in the field and some exciting company next weekend!

Z Crew: Storm Clouds
Storm clouds rollin’ in.

Z Crew: Pick up basketball game
After a delicious dinner, the boys stepped outside the garage for a game of basketball.

Z Crew: Basketball crowd
Once the pick-up game of basketball began, a crowd quickly gathered.

Z Crew: Women in the kitchen
While the spectators stood and watched the game, the women were busy cleaning up in the kitchen.

Z Crew: I Spy
I spy with my little eye a green John Deere hat.

Z Crew: Taylor and Connor
This is my little buddy Connor!

Z Crew: Buster Beans
He’s a stinker!

Z Crew: Panoramic
Once the rain passed, a beautiful full rainbow could be seen shining over the wheat field across from the house.

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